Social Outreach

Homelessness, people living on streets and in parks in and around our area, is of great concern to our residents. We know that. Homelessness sits in the middle of a number of issues – law enforcement, health, degradation of the environment, making parks usable, criminality, affordable housing, travel costs and more. Homelessness in our area is also reflection of the state of society in South Africa.

DPV has a proven way to address a part of this: to help people move up in life and and out of the area. It means engaging with the homeless, hearing their stories and understanding what their needs are. These needs range from finding a place in a night shelter or at the City’s Safe Spaces, getting into training and work programmes, applying for a SASSA grant or replacing a lost ID card.

A pilot project in partnership with the NGO, Streetscapes, has already seen ten people move out of Van Riebeeck Park, including a man now reunited with his life partner. In another case, it was as simple as funding a new ID card.

This has been achieved through working closely with the Streetscapes social worker and her team. 

With additional funds we can do more. We can be effective and address a very real social issue in a constructive way.

Make a difference in the lives of the people on our streets. For more information contact:

Safer Streets - Better Together

We call on everyone in our area, residents – whether property owners and tenants or visitors, and businesses.
If all our 4500 households contributed just R30 a month (that’s the cost of a cup of coffee at a restaurant) we would make target and be able to do still more. Pay now by Snapscan or set up a monthly internet banking payment to our account. 





Encourage your neighbours and friends to contribute and to sign up for DPV via the link Find DPV Neighbourhood Watch on Facebook and follow us for updates, ask questions, get answers and more.

Join us in making our neighbourhood safer.

For more information email or or call our landline 021 461 2937

Van Riebeek Park Project