DPV Public Meeting - 21Aug 2019

Are we #WildfireReady?

The choking smell of smoke fills the air. The night sky glows orange. The wind can’t hide the roar of wildfire as it rushes across the mountain slope. The sounds of sirens come ever closer. Embers shower and swirl above the neighbourhood. Panic sets in. Where do I go? What do I take with me? Is my home going to be safe?

Wildfires are indiscriminate in the danger that they pose to everyone, but knowledge and preparation is key to ensuring our safety.  

DPVwatch & Vulcan Wildfire Management have taken steps to make our community better prepared and more #WildfireReady. A Wildland Urban Intermix Community Assessment was conducted earlier this year to assess high risk areas, create emergency plans, and provide advice on how to keep your home safe during a wildfire incident. 

Join us for an assessment report feedback talk, as well as many positive steps that can be taken, to prevent loss of life and property in our area. 

Fire is everybody’s fight and it’s not a case of if, but rather when.

Assessment & Feedback hosted by Rouvanne van den Berg of Vulcan Wildfire Management


21 AUGUST 2019


Cash Bar - Come Grab a drink and have a listen!