Building on existing infrastructure

DPVwatch, which is us residents and businesses working together, over the last 10 years has set up systems for effective, quick responses to criminal activity including:

  • LPR cameras which detect and track vehicles linked to crime
  • A radio network for instant communication with SAPS, ADT, CBAR and neighbouring watches
  • Whatsapp groups to alert and assist neighbours
  • Patrols and neighbourhood walks
  • A detailed database of incidents to allow for prevention planning

For this we acknowledge:

  • The dedicated community members who have given thousands of voluntary hours
  • The KwikSpar, Kapstadt and local businesses, Body Corporates, members and residents who have given money without which none of this would have been possible.
  • The co-operation and support of ADT and CBAR
  • SAPS for their support and the work they do, with very limited resources

Funding Goals

We are now well placed to make our neighbourhood safer, which will benefit everyone in our area.

The DPV Exco calls on all property owners, residents, businesses, and visitors to contribute to raising R200 000 by the end of October 2019. Projects to increase our safety and build our community are described in more detail below.

Yours in Safety
DPV Exco – Jo-Anne, Dean, Audri, Michelle, Oliver, Elmari, Paul

4 Projects in the Spotlight

We are raising funds for 4 major projects. Building on existing infrastructure to increase safety & security for the entire DPV community.
Click on one of the projects below to read more info.

Safer Streets - Better Together

We call on everyone in our area, residents – whether property owners and tenants or visitors, and businesses.
If all our 4500 households contributed just R30 a month (that’s the cost of a cup of coffee at a restaurant) we would make target and be able to do still more. Pay now by Snapscan or set up a monthly internet banking payment to our account. 





Encourage your neighbours and friends to contribute and to sign up for DPV via the link Find DPV Neighbourhood Watch on Facebook and follow us for updates, ask questions, get answers and more.

Join us in making our neighbourhood safer.

For more information email or or call our landline 021 461 2937